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The Kansas City Museum Education staff offers several programs for your classroom or community group. Through stories, songs, and hands-on activities, children are introduced to the history of Kansas City and its people, and the Long family and their legacy. The Kansas City Museum strives to help children understand and enjoy the world in which they live— both inside and outside the museum walls. A bridge between Kansas City’s schools, neighborhoods and communities, Kansas City Museum is dedicated to making hands-on learning experiences accessible to all children and families. During the restoration of Corinthian Hall, the Kansas City Museum will not be able to accommodate school tours on site. However, the Museum is offering outreach programs to schools and communities throughout the region. Give the Museum a call at (816) 483-8300 to schedule an appointment today!

Long Story of Corinthian Hall

The Friends of the Kansas City Museum, our support organization, commissioned famed puppeteer Paul Mesner to create a fantastic show for the enjoyment of parents and children alike. “The Long Story of Corinthian Hall” by The Paul Mesner Puppets has already been performed 20 times to some great Kansas City audiences, which has been generously supported by the Francis Family Foundation.


Contact the Museum at (816) 483-8300 ext. 1400 to schedule the show for your group.


Secrets of the Mansion
Grades 3-12/ 25-50 students/ 90 minutes
$2 per student/no charge for chaperones

The Kansas City Museum may be under construction, but now is the best time to see what was hidden behind of the old exhibit walls. This exciting tour reveals many architectural secrets of Corinthian Hall, the 1910 Beaux-Arts mansion home of the Kansas City Museum. Discover where the bowling alley used to be and where the enormous player organ once sat. Search for the “faces” of Corinthian Hall! Learn about Robert and Ella Long, whose family called “the Palace on Gladstone Boulevard” home! This program includes a showing of “Ours to Give: the Long Legacy of an American Family” in our StoryTarium.

SOCIAL STUDIES CONCEPTS: Industrial America, Continuity and Change



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A new season of programs is coming this spring! Check back soon!

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